• To promote high standards of horticultural and regulatory inspection work
  • To combine and share expertise, knowledge, experience and training among plant pest inspectors toward stimulating interest in and professionalizing plant inspection work
  • To advocate harmonization between State and affiliated agencies
  • To provide a means of disseminating information to plant pest inspectors, allied workers and the general public that is particularly pertinent to plant pest inspection work
  • To provide a means of furthering fellowship among plant pest inspectors and allied workers


The Horticulture Inspection Society - Western Chapter (WHIS) seeks to solicit and exchange information from its participating members, creating an avenue to further educate the organization as a whole. New information is continuously garnered and learned along the way, much of which is not available or timely able to be presented in a formal educational approach.


WHIS members, through dialog and training expand the level of expertise necessary for professional horticultural inspection and plant protection.


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